2 x Matched Brimar EL90 (6AQ5A) NOS Power Valves

2 x Brimar EL90 6AQ5 power valves


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All single valves, matched pairs and matched quads are fully tested in our warehouse before dispatch. These valves will guarantee awesome tone and amazing power. You WILL hear the difference. So get your amp sounding better than ever. Order your replacement valves today.


2 x Matched New Old Stock Brimar Power valves (also known as 6AQ5A)

These selected and carefully tested power valves are the original valves fitted to guitar and hi-fi amps from the 1960s.

Each valve is fully guaranteed and will deliver the original tone you would expect from your amp.

NOS Brimar EL90 valves for superb tone

This is a superb sounding valve whether used in audio equipment or in guitar amplifiers. Whilst there are several EL90 valves still around we rate this as one of the best. It has a smooth rich quality that delivers a well-rounded sound and very smooth and fat distortion when pushed. If you are a fan of 60s music you will have no doubt heard its lovely tone many times on records from the day.

These original valves are in their original boxes and carry our usual warranty for quality and excellence.

Output power is 4.5 watts in a single-ended circuit or 12 watts in Class AB push-pull.

About Brimar Valves

Brimar was founded in the early 1930s and was part of the STC group. In 1960 Brimar was purchased by Thorn and only a year later was swallowed up by the Thorn/AEI Group.

You will notice that the packaging on our valves bears the Thorn Logo.  Brimar valves were produced in a variety of locations in the UK although later, as with so many products, were outsourced from a variety of factories across the world.

Brimar valves have a good reputation and we still carry a limited stock of these original superb power tubes.

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Dimensions13 × 13 × 13 cm


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2 x Brimar EL90 6AQ5 power valves

2 x Matched Brimar EL90 (6AQ5A) NOS Power Valves