EL84 Valves (also known as 6BQ5) power valves

The EL84 is a valve that is used in the power output stages of many guitar amplifiers. Originally it was used in radios and hi-fi equipment.

The EL84 is smaller and more sensitive than the 6V6 that was widely used around the world until the 1960s.

EL84 power valves – fully graded and matched

All of our EL84 power valves/tubes are carefully selected, graded, and matched to ensure optimum tone and performance. Scroll down to see the EL84 brands we currently have in stock ready for despatch.

Our EL84 valves deliver superb tone and power and is a massive upgrade to the stock valves used in many amps. With so many amplifiers coming from China these days you will often find that the cheap stock valves inside do not give the best performance that the amp is capable of delivering.

Some amps that use EL84 power tubes are “cathode biased”. This means that they do not need to be biased when you change the valves.

You will find a list of these amps in our FAQ section.

JJ and Sovtek EL84 (6BQ5) power tubes 

Below we list all the tubes we currently have in stock. You can buy them as singles, matched pairs and matched quads. All power valves must be changed for a matched set (so if one valve fails you cannot simply replace just that one valve).

The website will not take an order unless we have the valves in stock and ready to ship within one working day.

How long do El84 power tubes last?

Not all amps live the same peaceful life – some are gigged every week.

Not surprisingly, some last longer than others. Bounce them around while they’re still hot and they won’t last long at all.

On average, a set of power valves should last between 500 and 1,000 hours if they are looked after.

Over time, they slowly lose tone and power, which you don’t tend to notice as it is gradual. It’s only when you pop a new set in you realise the difference.

Don’t be surprised if the valves in your new amplifier blow quite soon. This is usually as a result of being shipped from one side of the world to the other.


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