Blackstar Amplifiers

Replacement Valves for Blackstar amplifiers.

We stock tubes for every Blackstar amplifier in the range. Scroll down if you want to go straight to the list of Blackstar amps and the tube sets available.

We recommend you replace the tubes for Blackstar amplifiers on a regular basis to ensure they always sound their very best.

Tubes for Blackstar amplifiers – how long will they last?

Good question. “On average”, tubes are expected to have a life of around 1,000 hours playing time. This is very much an average. Some will last a lot less and some a lot longer. Amps that are gigged will obviously need earlier tube replacement.

However, over time they all gradually lose their tone. Unfortunately it’s so gradual that you don’t notice until you replace them – suddenly it sounds amazing again. So change them on a regular basis if you want to keep the amp sounding as sweet as the day you first bought it. Far too often we see guitarists buying pedals and even new amps when all they needed was a new set of tubes.

So click on your Blackstar amplifier below for details about which valves you need and how to place an order. If your amp is not shown just let us know.

blackstar amplifiers

Can't find the tubes for your Blackstar amplifier?

If you can't find your Blackstar amplifier listed or the specific valves you are seeking, just drop us an email from our contact page. Remember, even the best amplifier in the world will sound poor if the valves aren't replaced regularly.

Finally, you'll be pleased to know that good quality valves for Blackstar amplifiers are relatively cheap but the difference they will make to your sound is huge. So order a set of brand new valves for your amplifier today and hear the difference.

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