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Why Change Your Guitar Amp Valves?

Is your guitar valve amplifier not sounding as good as the day you bought it? Changing your amp valves will restore that beautiful sweet tone in no time at all.

Amazing Quality

All our valves have been tested to the highest possible standards and come with 100% guarantee.

Stunning Price

Our individual Valves and complete Amp Kits are competitively priced to ensure you get great value.

Awesome Tone

You'll hear the difference. A new set of valves will get your amp sounding and performing like new.

Guitar Amp Valves

Replacing Your Amplifier Valves

Replacing your guitar amp valves is easier than you might imagine. Simply follow the steps below to get you amp sounding like new in no time.

  • Find Your Amplifier
  • Order Your New Valve Kit
  • Install Your New Valve Kit
  • Enjoy the amazing sound of your amp
How to choose the right Guitar Amplifier Valves

How to choose the best Valves for your Guitar Amplifier

It can be very confusing trying to choose the best valves for guitar amplifier at a sensible price. There are dozens of different valve brands out there. Our aim is to make things simple for you when buying amplifier valves. We have tested most brands of amplifier valves and settled on one as providing the very best sounding…
bias guitar amplifiers 1

How To Bias Guitar Tube and Valve Amplifiers

How To Bias Tube Amplifiers. Do you own a tube guitar amplifier? Yes? Then it’s good to know how to bias tube amplifiers, or we need to keep paying a technician to bias tube amplifiers for us. Just understanding the principles of how your amp works is well worth the time and effort. We also…