fender blues deville

Fender Blues DeVille 410

Looking for great sounding valves for Fender Blues DeVille amplifier? You’ve come to the right place.

Valves for Fender Blues DeVille amplifier.

The Fender Blues DeVille amplifier uses:

  • 2 x ECC83 (also known as 12AX7) preamp valves,
  • 1  x Balanced ECC83 for the phase inverter in position V3.
  • 2 x  6L6GC matched power valves/power tubes.

We always recommend JJ valves for the Fender Blues DeVille amplifier. This is because they give you awesome tone and power – but don’t cost the Earth.

That’s because you are buying from source. Did you know there are only five valve manufacturers in the World and JJ is one of them?

So don’t pay over the odds for rebranded “boutique” valves that actually come from the same factory.

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  • The best valve set for the Fender Blues DeVille.
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Replace the valves on your Fender Blues DeVille amplifier.

If you have any questions about replacing the valves for Fender Blues DeVille please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have over 30 years of experience so one of our team is always happy to help.

Please note, if you haven’t changed your valves before please visit our very helpful FAQ section before contacting us.

About the Fender Blues DeVille:

The Fender Blues Deville is a 60 Watt powerhouse. The power is directed into four 10 blue Alnico-Magnet Eminence speakers. This amp is LOUD so it will spend most of its life on volume 1 or 2!

The speakers are driven by two matched 6L6 output tubes and three 12AX7 preamp tubes. As a result you get that legendary tone. Absolutely gorgeous.

Even when dialled to a low volume setting this amp can put out floor-shaking volume. The only built-in effect is Fender’s Spring Reverb unit. The foot-switch that comes with it can control the on and off function of the unit.

Feel The Tone.

The Fender Blues Deville amp produces a very rich, warm tone. This is the tone you have come to know and love.  So it’s great for Classic Rock, Blues, and Country.

The Hot Rod Deville, the Blues Deville’s younger brother can put out a more gain-filled tone that is sure to rattle the teeth of anyone standing in the front row. The Blues Deville has a more crunchy overdriven sound to it. However, if you put any distortion pedal in front of it, the amp will put out like any hi-gain half-stack.

The mid-range on the Fender Blues Deville is warm but not overly peaky. The bass is both round and full.

So plug in your favourite Fender guitar and you’ve got the full-on experience of what a great clean sound is all about. Use this channel with the volume control over the halfway mark and you get that classic characteristic Fender bite. It’s a great tone that players used to controlling an amp from the guitar will make the most of.

The Fender Blues DeVille is also very reliable and great for gigging as it can take the punishment.

Replace the valves on Fender Blues DeVille amplifiers. Order yours today and hear the difference.

So, if you need some awesome sounding valves for the Fender Blues DeVille amplifier – you’ve come to the right place.