Replacement Valve Kit for Carvin V3M

Carvin V3M

Looking for great sounding valves for Carvin V3M amplifier? You’ve come to the right place.

Best valves for Carvin V3M amplifiers.

The Carvin V3M amplifier uses:

  • 3 x ECC83 (also called 12AX7) preamp valves,
  • 1 x Balanced ECC83 for the phase inverter in position V4.
  • 4 x EL84 matched power valves/power tubes.

We always recommend Sovtek or JJ valves for Carvin V3M amplifier. This is because they guarantee you will get awesome tone and power – and a very long life.

Don’t forget that there are only five manufacturers of valves in the world. So don’t pay more for expensive “boutique” valves that are exactly the same valves in rebranded packaging.

Order your valves below and hear the difference.

So upgrade your amplifier with these premium quality valves. Treat yourself to a new set of valves.

  • The best valve/tube kit for the Carvin V3M amplifier.
  • All of our valves are carefully picked, fully tested and digitally matched before they are posted out. So order with total confidence.
  • A range of fast delivery options available with full tracking and insurance. So you know your tubes will arrive safely.
  • We have 30 years experience so you’re in very safe hands.
  • International shipping – we ship around the World every single day.

Replace the Valves for Carvin V3M amplifier.

If you have any questions about replacing the valves for Carvin V3M please do not hesitate to drop us an email. One of our team will get straight back to you. We have over 30 years of experience so we will be happy to advise.

We also suggest you click through to our very helpful FAQ section. Here you will find the answer to most questions. If you are new to upgrading your tubes you will also find loads of useful hints and tips.

About the Carvin V3M amp:

The Carvin V3M amp was a huge hit at the 2011 NAMM Show, with players raving about the amazing sound and versatility. It was awarded Best of Show.  The small size and selectable power output make the Carvin V3M ideal for use at home, as well as live performances and recording when mic’d or connected directly to the board.

The Carvin V3M is a 50-watt amp, delivering awesome power with incredible tone including lush reverb. Nearly half the size of the V3 100w head, the Carvin V3M offers nearly the same features.

So its powerful 50w output easily drives a 4 X 12 half stack while the 7 or 22-watt setting delivers sweet saturation at low levels.

The Carvin V3 has all-tube channels which can be engaged with your footswitch for normal shimmering highs and deep bass. Switch the channel to classic rock with the deepest metal crunch or continuous sustain. Never before has there been so much tone and power from a micro-series.


  • Master volume: Controls output of all 3 channels. Boost or cut your entire rig with one control.
  • Independent EQ (bass/mid/treble/presence).
  • Independent drive and volume.
  • Valves/Tubes: 4 x ECC83 (12AX7s) and 4 x EL84.
  • Switchable power mode 50, 22 and 7 watts.
Replace the Valves on Carvin V3M amplifiers. Order yours today and get your amp sounding better than ever.

So, if you’re looking for great sounding valves for Carvin V3M amplifier -you’ve certainly come to the best place.

Simply choose the complete replacement valve kit or the seperate valves for your amplifier below:
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