Replacement valve kit for Vox AC15C2

Vox AC15C2

Looking for great sounding valves for Vox AC15C2 amplifier? You’ve come to the right place.

Valves for Vox AC15C2 amplifier.

The Vox AC15C2 amplifier uses 2 x ECC83 (also called 12AX7), 1 x Balanced ECC83 for the phase splitter position (V3) preamp valves and 2 x EL84 matched power valves.

The V1 valve usually has a metal cover to protect it from inteference.

We recommend JJ or Sovtek valves for the Vox AC15C2 amplifier. This is because they guarantee awesome tone and long life at a very competitive price.

However, we also sell Electro Harmonix valves for this amplifier if you prefer this brand. These can be found in the ‘Choose Your Valve’ section of our website.

Order your tubes/valves for Vox AC15C2 below and hear the difference.

So bring back the power and sparkle to your guitar amplifier. Treat yourself, and your amp, to a brand new set of valves today.

  • Best valve set for this Vox amplifier. These valves are a significant upgrade to the stock valves supplied with your amp.
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Replace the Valves on your Vox AC15C2 amplifier.

If you have any queries about replacing the tubes/valves for Vox AC15C2 please do not hesitate to drop us a line. We have over 30 years experience and so we are always happy to help.

Also, take a look at our very useful FAQ section. Here we give the answers to all the popular questions we receive on upgrading your valves.

What our customers think of these valves.

New Valves For Vox Ac30 C2 Amplifiers“Fitted these today – awesome difference. But then my previous set was 6 years old! Thanks.” G.H.

Replace Tubes On Vox Ac30 C2 Amplifiers“Bought these for my AC30 C2. Been using it about twice a week for four years with the original Chinese stock valves – needed replacing after it started making a right horrible noise every time it was warming up. These are a great replacement. It’s much clearer, not too bright or harsh and the volume’s increased. D.W.

About the Vox AC15C2 amp:

The Vox AC15C2 is a 15 watt, two-channel guitar amp. It is powered by 3 x ECC83 and 2 x EL84 valves. Due to the two 12” Celestion Greenbacks, this amp offers brilliant clarity without any harshness. This amp was designed to be really smooth. It comes with vintage characteristics like the tremolo circuit and modern features like foot switching capabilities. Most noteworthy is each channel has independent volume control and is linked to a Master Volume and Tone Cut. For added versatility, the second channel has highly interactive Treble and Bass controls.

The Vox AC15C2 can be used to create Vox’s signature “chimey” sound or a powerful overdriven tone plus everything in between. This is achieved by balancing the independent Volume controls with the Master Volume. Additionally, the Vox Tremolo circuit with adjustable speed and depth and a warm Spring Reverb offer plenty of authentic vintage sound.

  • 15 watts of all valve output.
  • Independent Volume controls with Master Volume and Tone Cut.
  • Tremolo and Spring Reverb effects built-in.
  • 2 x Celestion G12M Greenback 12″ speakers.
  • Finally, the all-important weight factor: 66 lbs.

So, if you’re looking for great sounding valves for Vox amplifiers –  you’ve come to the best place.