Replacement Valve Kit for Crate V50-112 Amplifier

Crate V50-112 amplifier

Looking for great sounding valves for Crate V50-112 amplifier? You’ve come to the right place.

Valves for Crate V50-112 amplifiers.

The Crate V50-112 amplifier uses:

  • 3 x ECC83 (12AX7) preamp valves.
  • 2 x 6L6GC matched power valves/power tubes.

We always recommend JJ valves for Crate V50-112 amplifiers. They guarantee awesome tone, power, and long life – all at a very competitive price. You can order these singly, as matched pairs or a complete set.

Order your valves for the Crate V50-112 below and hear the difference.

So bring back the power and sparkle to your guitar amplifier. Treat yourself to a new set of valves.

  • Each valve kit is carefully chosen, fully tested, digitally graded and matched.
  • Fast delivery service. Full tracking and insurance included.
  • Global delivery – we ship all over the world.

Replace the Valves on your Crate V50-112 amplifier.

If you have any questions about replacing the valves for Crate V50-112 please do not hesitate to drop us an email. One of the team best qualified to answer your question will get straight back to you.

We have over 30 years experience so we will always be happy to help.

If you have never changed your valves before, please take a look at our very helpful FAQ section before you contact us. Here you will find the answer to most questions along with some really useful hints and tips all written in a non-technical manner.

About the Crate V50-112 amp:

The Crate V50 112 two-channel combo was the first of Crate’s all-tube V Series amplifiers. Notable is the dual 6L6 fixed biased output valves. So this amplifier produces sparkling cleans and a beautiful warm, rich overdrive.

This is a loud amplifier. It pushes out 50 watts through its single 12″ speaker. The presence control, spring reverb and foot-switch boost mean you also get great flexibility. The Crate V50-112 combo is based on a classic American all-valve circuit, delivering brilliant cleans and that sought-after crunchy overdrive.

Conclusion: Modern features and yet a traditional true valve sound. The Crate V50-112 offers excellent value for money and an amp that is made to handle the knocks.


  • Massive 50W power.
  • Class AB, all-tube circuitry.
  • Two channels – so great flexibility.
  • Classic Spring reverb.
  • Foot-switch for boost function.

If you’re looking for great sounding valves for the Crate V50-112 amplifier you’ve come to the right place.

Simply choose the complete replacement valve kit or the seperate valves for your amplifier below: