It might surprise you to learn that valves don’t often ‘fail’ in guitar amplifiers. From time to time they do of course, but the usual thing is that as they age they lose both tone and power. This is particularly true for the output valves as they do all the ‘heavy lifting’. The problem is that from gig to gig you don’t really notice the very gradual decline.

A new set of tubes can make a startling difference to your sound. Suddenly the amp sounds like it used to!

Valves for guitar amplifiers.

Here are some tips concerning valve replacement.

1. Keep a note of when you change your tubes, that way you’ll know when they need replacing.
2. Replace you tubes after approximately 1000 hours of actual playing. It doesn’t matter how old they are, it’s the number of hours they have been used which counts.
3. Never change just one output tube. They must always be changed as a set.
4. Always buy a matched set of output tubes. Either a matched pair or a matched quad. They have been matched to have the same gain and the same bias current.

We supply JJ tubes as they give amazing tone at a sensible price. We also offer fast delivery so you can get your amp back up to spec as soon as possible.

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