Replacement Valve Kit for Rivera Sedona 100

Rivera Sedona 100

Looking for great sounding valves for Rivera Sedona 100 amplifier? You’ve come to the right place.

Valves for Rivera Sedona 100

The Rivera Sedona 100 amplifier uses 5 x ECC83/12AX7 preamp valves and a matched quad of 6L6GC power valves. We recommend JJ valves for Rivera Sedona 100 amplifier. They offer a great tone at a very competitive price. You can order these singly or as matched quads or a full revalve kit. Order your valves for Rivera Sedona 100 below for same day dispatch.

Bring back the power and sparkle to your guitar amplifier. Treat yourself to a new set of valves.

  • We offer same day despatch as standard (if ordered before Midday).
  • Also we can offer optional guaranteed next day delivery in the UK (if ordered before Midday).
  • We can even do guaranteed Saturday delivery in the UK (if ordered before Midday on Friday).

Replace the Valves for Rivera Sedona 100

If you have any questions about replacing the valves for Rivera Sedona 100 please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have over 30 years experience and will be happy to advise.

About the Rivera Sedona 100

First of all, the Rivera Sedona 100 was the world’s first all-valve Electric and Acoustic amp. It was designed in collaboration with Nashville fingerpicking legend Doyle Dykes. Most noteworthy, is the Rivera Sedona 100’s two independent and different preamplifier channels. Channel 1 is designed to produce optimum electric tones, clean or distorted. While channel 2 is tailored for electric or acoustic instruments. Due to the Rivera Sedona 100’s specially designed Tweeter it can reproduce an acoustic instrument’s sparkling harmonics. In addition, the Tweeter’s operation is linked to Channel 2 and is automatically disengaged when Channel 1 is selected.

The Rivera Sedona 100 has an anti-feedback equalizer. It also features a 6-spring Accutronics reverb. Another feature of the Rivera Sedona 100 is its built-in direct output. This has a level control and a pull switch for ground lift. An internal, high-fidelity 15″ JBL speaker reproduces full frequencies and gives great guitar tone. A single high-power Dome Tweeter adds definition to the high-end strings, especially on nylon or gut string instruments.


  • 100+ Watts.
  • Valves for Rivera Sedona 100 – 4 x 6L6GC + 5 x ECC83.
  • Massive transformers and exposed surface mounting for long life and cool operation.
  • Heavy-Duty 16 Gauge zinc plated steel chassis make a rugged road worthy amp.
  • Costly regulated DC filament power supply for the Preamp valves allow hum free operation.
  • Rugged metal phone jacks throughout for years of noise free connections.

To conclude, if you’re looking for great sounding valves for Rivera Sedona 100 amplifier you’ve come to the right place.

Simply choose the complete replacement valve kit or the seperate valves for your amplifier below: