Replacement Valve Kit For VOX AC30C1 (2 x ECC83 1 x Balanced ECC83 4 x Matched EL84)

Best Replacement Valve Kit For Vox AC30C1


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All single valves, matched pairs and matched quads are fully tested in our warehouse before dispatch. These valves will guarantee awesome tone and amazing power. You WILL hear the difference. So get your amp sounding better than ever. Order your replacement valves today.


replacement valve kit for vox ac30 amplifier
Replacement valve kit for Vox AC30 amplifier.

Replacement valve kit for Vox AC30C1 amplifier.

What Valves Does The Vox AC30C1 Amplifier Use?

This superb valve kit for the Vox AC30C1 comprises 2 x Selected Premium Grade JJ ECC83 preamp valves (also called 12AX7), 1 x Selected Premium Grade JJ Balanced ECC83 for the phase inverter and 4 x Selected Premium Grade JJ EL84 power valves/power tubes.

The balanced ECC83 goes in the V3 position which is the preamp position furthest from your input jack.

We recommend JJ tubes for the Vox AC30C1  amplifier as they guarantee awesome tone at a competitive price. This valve kit is superior to the original valves used on this amp. Remember JJ are one of only three valve manufacturers in the world. So don’t pay more for rebranded versions of exactly the same valve. You can buy valves as singles, matched quads or a complete kit of replacement valves for the Vox AC30C1.

We also stock the highly regarded Sovtek range of tubes for this amplifier if you prefer the Sovtek brand.

Replacement valve kit for your Vox AC30C1 amplifier.

If you have any questions about replacing the valves on your Vox AC30C1 please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have over 30 years experience and so we are always happy to help

About the Vox AC30C1 amplifier:

The Vox AC30 C1 amp became available in early 2010. This is a 30 watt class A all tube amp. It is comprised of three 12AX7 tubes and four EL84 tubes.

Different for this model is that the arguably faulty valve rectifier was replaced with a solid state version. Purists will not like this, but the sound is solid and it avoids the headaches of having a valve rectifier fail.

The Vox AC30 C1 has the classic Vox AC30 sound and chime.

The speakers have been improved with Celestion Greenbacks (25 watts a side). This is a two channel amp and is plenty loud. It has that beautiful UK sound.

It also has a beautiful spring reverb and the classic Vox tremolo.

Features of the Vox AC30C1:

  • Valves/tubes: 3 x ECC83(12AX7) and 4 x EL84.
  • One 15″ Blue Marvel speakers.
  • Tremolo with speed and intensity.
  • Pre and post gain controls on lead channel.
  • Boost switch.
  • Master reverb.
  • Footswitch-selectable channel switching and tremolo.
  • Effects loop.
  • 22-1/2″W x 21″H x 11″.


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Best Replacement Valve Kit For Vox AC30C1

Replacement Valve Kit For VOX AC30C1 (2 x ECC83 1 x Balanced ECC83 4 x Matched EL84)


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