Replacement Sovtek Valve Kit For Vox AC30C2 (2 x Sovtek 12AX7WC 1 x Balanced Sovtek 12AX7WC 4 x Matched Sovtek EL84)

Best Replacement Sovtek Valve Kit For Vox AC30C2


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All single valves, matched pairs and matched quads are fully tested in our warehouse before dispatch. These valves will guarantee awesome tone and amazing power. You WILL hear the difference. So get your amp sounding better than ever. Order your replacement valves today.


replacement valve kit for vox ac30 c2
Best replacement valve/tube kit for Vox AC30 C2 amplifiers.

Looking for a replacement valve kit for Vox AC30C2?

Best replacement valve kit for the Vox AC30C2 amp – available in sets or singles. New, fully tested and 100% guaranteed. These are a significant upgrade to the valves supplied with your amplifier. These selected premium quality valves deliver superior tone, power and performance.

What valves does the Vox AC30C2 use? (Please note that the Vox AC30C1 and Vox AC30C2X amplifiers use the exact same valve set).

The Vox AC30C2 amplifier uses:

  • 2 x Premium Grade Sovtek 12AX7WC (also called ECC83) preamp valves.
  • 1 x Premium Grade Selected and Balanced Sovtek 12AX7WC for the phase splitter position in V3.
  • 4 x Premium Grade Sovtek EL84 perfectly matched power valves/power tubes.

Best quality Sovtek tubes for sale. Do you have any questions about this replacement kit?

If you have any questions about replacing the tubes on your Vox AC30C2 please do not hesitate to drop us an email. We have over 30 years of experience so one of our team will always be happy to help and advise. We also have an FAQ section where you will find the answers to most questions relating to changing your tubes.

  • Every valve kit is carefully selected, fully tested, digitally graded, balanced and matched before we ship to you.
  • Premium selected valves that deliver superb tone and power.
  • We offer a fully tracked and insured delivery service so you know your valves will arrive safely.
  • Over 30 years in the business so you are in very safe hands.
  • Global shipping and delivery. We ship all over the world every single day.

What do these valves sound like? Awesome! You will get a tight and full bass response, mellow and rich midrange, saturated overdrive and beautiful glassy top.

What our customers say about these valves:

Best Tubes For Vox AC30 C2 Amplifier

“I have just installed the new valves in my amp and I swear I thought there was something wrong with it at first while it was heating up, because it was so quiet it felt unreal, but, as soon as I hit the first chord it truly started singing.

It was definitely in need of a new set of valves and I am glad I shopped with you. I am 100% going to recommend you to all my friends! The amp now roars like never before and I sincerely hope it’s not going to upset the neighbours!  A.A.


Replacement valve kit for Vox AC30C2 amplifier. About the amp.

Tubes for sale for Vox AC30

The Vox AC30 C2 amp became available in early 2010. This is a 30-watt class A all-tube amp. It is comprised of three 12AX7 tubes and four EL84 tubes.  This is the 2-speaker version of the C1.

Different for this model is that the valve rectifier was replaced with a solid-state version. So whereas the old amp used a GZ34 rectifier valve, when you change your valves oj the C2 there is no rectifier valve to change – all solid-state now.

Purists will not like this, but the sound is solid. Also, it avoids the headaches of having a valve rectifier fail. The Vox AC30 C1 has the classic Vox AC30 sound and chime.

The speakers have been improved with Celestion Greenbacks (25 watts per side). So this is a two-channel amp and is plenty loud. It has that beautiful UK sound. It comes with lovely spring reverb and the classic Vox tremolo. 

If you need a copy of the User Manual you can download a copy here.

Features of the Vox AC30C2:
  • 30W into 16 or 8 ohms.
  • Two 15″ Blue Marvel speakers.
  • Tremolo with speed and intensity.
  • Pre and post-gain controls on the lead channel.
  • Boost switch.
  • Master reverb.
  • Effects loop.
Best replacement valve kit for Vox AC30 C2 amplifiers.

Upgrade your tubes today and hear the difference.

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Best Replacement Sovtek Valve Kit For Vox AC30C2

Replacement Sovtek Valve Kit For Vox AC30C2 (2 x Sovtek 12AX7WC 1 x Balanced Sovtek 12AX7WC 4 x Matched Sovtek EL84)