How to Bias an ENGL Powerball

How to bias an ENGL Powerball E645 amplifier


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How to Bias an ENGL Powerball amplifier.

Correct biasing of your ENGL Powerball amplifier will ensure that your valves are running at optimum performance.

Of course, many people do not bother to learn how to adjust the bias on their amps and have no problems. Yet manufacturers always say that you should bias your amp when you change your power valves. (There is, of course, no need to rebias the amp when you change your preamp tubes, only your power tubes).

NOTE: As you all know, there’s already loads of free information on the web on bias adjustment for ENGL amplifiers. Unfortunately, the sad truth is, at best, most of it is plain wrong and in many cases, it’s downright dangerous.

The moment you open up a guitar amplifier you’re dealing with extremely high voltages. Most people don’t realise that an amp will hold a lethal voltage for quite some time even after it’s been switched off. We are often talking over 400 volts here.

So there’s no room for error, guesswork or amateur electronics here. Most of the stuff you read on the forums is stuff is written by well-meaning enthusiasts. They have gained a little knowledge along the way – so that’s just enough knowledge to make them, and you, dangerous!

So we’ve put together the definitive bias manual for the ENGL Powerball amplifier. This will ensure that not only is the amp biased correctly but that you are kept safe at the same time.

This illustrated user guide will take you step-by-step through every stage of the process on how to perfectly bias your ENGL tube amplifier.

The important thing is that it is written by a senior electronics engineer with over 40 years of experience in the amplifier industry. He has repaired and modified thousands of amplifiers over his long career. So this is the ultimate guide written exactly for your amp. -It’s all made extremely clear and simple to understand with lots of hints and tips and colour photographs. He also debunks a lot of myths surrounding the biasing of valves once and for all along the way.

If your valves are running “too cold” they will last much longer but the sound will probably be very disappointing. Run them too hot and you may actually like the sound better than the suggested factory setting. But run them really hot and there is a danger of red-plating which is a real threat.

Any amp that red-plates the valves must be switched off immediately. So it makes sense to ensure that your amp is running within tolerances to ensure the best performance. This superb guide will enable you to do exactly that.

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How to bias ENGL amplifiers correctly: The Definitive Expert Guide.

We ask for a very small fee to cover the many hours it took to produce this document and photograph the entire process for you.  The good news, when you place your order is you will receive an email receipt straight away along with a download link.

This download link means you can download the PDF directly to your device straight away. So there’s no hanging around for the postman to turn up and no problems with things going missing in the post. You just download your own personal copy immediately. This also means we can produce the bias manual at a very low price as we don’t have expensive printing or shipping costs to pass on to you.

You may be wondering whether the type of valve makes any difference to the bias.

Well, some valves will arrive with higher bias settings than others but the brand itself makes no difference. Fender amplifiers are delivered with Groove Tubes installed for example but we all know that Fender does not make amplifier valves. They simply rebrand valves from the likes of Sovtek and JJ and others too.

How to download your bias manual for the ENGL Powerball E645 amplifier.

So to download your personal copy of the bias manual, simply click on the product name that appears in blue and underlined when you receive your invoice. This is the link for you to download your personal copy.

So order your bias manual today and get your amp sounding better than ever. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop us an email.


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How to bias an ENGL Powerball E645 amplifier

How to Bias an ENGL Powerball