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Build Your Own Kit

It can be very confusing trying to choose the right valves for guitar amplifier at a sensible price. There are thousands of different amplifiers out there. Our aim is to make things simple for you when buying valves for your amplifier.

Our ‘build your own kit’ service gives you control to choose the valves for your amplifier if it is not listed on our ‘Choose Your Amp‘ section.

Simply choose the valves you are looking for and the quantity. When you have chosen all of the valves you need simply choose ‘Add to basket’ at the bottom of the page to add this custom kit to your shopping basket.

If you are unsure which valves would suit your amplifier simply use our live chat box below and our team will be happy to help.

Select your valves below:

Product Quantity

JJ ECC81 Pre-Amp Valve

379 in stock

JJ ECC82 Pre-Amp Valve

402 in stock

JJ ECC83 Pre-Amp Valve

493 in stock

JJ ECC83 Balanced Pre-Amp Valve

496 in stock

JJ EL34 Power Valve

402 in stock

JJ EL84 Power Valve

192 in stock

JJ 6L6GC Power Valve

359 in stock

JJ 6V6S Power Valve

470 in stock

JJ KT77 Power Valve

491 in stock

JJ 5881 Power Valve

479 in stock

JJ 6550 Power Valve

497 in stock

JJ GZ34 Rectifier Valve

424 in stock

JJ EZ81 Rectifier Valve

425 in stock

JJ 5U4GB Rectifier Valve

425 in stock

JJ 5Y3S Rectifier Valve

424 in stock

Please note all power valves will be matched as part of the build your own kit service.