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Build Your Own Kit

Can’t find the amplifier valve kit your are looking for? Don’t panic, by using our simple kit builder below you can choose the combination of valves to suit your amplifier perfectly.

Simply click ‘Add’ under the valves you are looking for and add the quantities you require. Please note if you need a matched pair or matched quad scroll down the list and select it. If you choose two or four single valves they will not be a matched set.

If you are unsure which valves would suit your amplifier you can view our kits by amplifier brand or simply call our team on 07979 687404 for advice on the perfect combination.


Select your valves below:


ECC81 Single Valve

429 in stock

ECC82 Single Valve

454 in stock

ECC83 Single Valve

151 in stock

6L6GC Single Valve

493 in stock

6V6S Single Valve

492 in stock

EL34 Single Valve

496 in stock

EL84 Single Valve

451 in stock

GZ34 Single Valve

466 in stock

6L6GC Matched Pair Power Valves

442 in stock

6V6S Matched Pair Power Valves

481 in stock

EL34 Matched Pair Power Valves

448 in stock

EL84 Matched Pair Power Valves

417 in stock

KT77 Matched Pair Power Valves

496 in stock

5881 Matched Pair Power Valves

495 in stock

6550 Matched Pair Power Valves

498 in stock

6L6GC Matched Quad Power Valves

486 in stock

6V6S Matched Quad Power Valves

500 in stock

KT77 Matched Quad Power Valves

494 in stock

5881 Matched Quad Power Valves

496 in stock

6550 Matched Quad Power Valves

499 in stock

6550 Matched Quad Power Valves

499 in stock