6 x 6550 Valve JJ Matched Sextet TESTED NEW

6 X JJ 6550 Matched Valves


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All single valves, matched pairs and matched quads are fully tested in our warehouse before dispatch. These valves will guarantee awesome tone and amazing power. You WILL hear the difference. So get your amp sounding better than ever. Order your replacement valves today.


Buying a Matched Sextet 6 x 6550 Power Valves.

Looking to buy a matched sextet 6 x 6550 valves? You’ve found them!

We sell the amazing JJ 6550 valves in matched sets of 6 (or 2 or 4). JJ is one of only five valve manufacturers in the world. So don’t pay more for rebranded versions of the exact same valve.

Why Use a Matched Set of 6550 Valves?

In a guitar amplifier with six output valves, in simple terms, three valves are pushing the speaker cone and two are pulling it. In an amp with two output valves, the same applies but the amp has one third the power. Four valves and you get 2/3rds of the power.

With the same signal applied, each valve gives an identical amount of push or pull when using a matched sextet of 6550. If this was not the case, fidelity would be lost.

So you MUST replace all six output tubes at the same time and you should buy your matched sextet of 6550 from a reputable dealer.  At AmpValves we test all incoming stock and sort into a matched sextet of 6550. A matched sextet of 6550 means each valve gives the same bias current under identical conditions of plate voltage and grid bias voltage.

Matched Set of six x 6550 power valves.

A sextet of matched JJ 6550 valves for the top of the range guitar amplifiers. The 6550 valve is a much sought after guitar amplifier valve and is highly regarded by guitarists around the world. You can buy a matched pair or a matched quad or a matched set of six 6550 valves from us. It is recommended that a set of matched valves are always used to ensure the best sound from your amplifier.

Which guitar amplifiers do the 6550 valves fit?

These superb amplifier valves fit many different guitar amplifiers produced by a variety of different manufacturers. 6550 valves have a very specific sound so please check the exact valves you need for your amplifier by clicking here.

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6 X JJ 6550 Matched Valves

6 x 6550 Valve JJ Matched Sextet TESTED NEW