1 x ECC82 (12AU7EH) Valve / Tube – Electro Harmonix NEW TESTED

Electro Harmonix 12AU7 ECC82 preamp valve


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All single valves, matched pairs and matched quads are fully tested in our warehouse before dispatch. These valves will guarantee awesome tone and amazing power. You WILL hear the difference. So get your amp sounding better than ever. Order your replacement valves today.


The Electro Harmonix ECC82 preamp valve, also known as a 12AU7, is one of the highest quality preamp valves you can buy. In Europe, it is known as an ECC82 preamp valve and in America, it is known as a 12AU7. Either way, it is exactly the same valve, just a different name.

It is the preferred brand for many manufacturers including Marshall and Victory but is used by many other manufacturers as well.

What is the best 12AU7? Why Choose Electro Harmonix EH 12AU7 pre-amp valves?

The EH 12AU7 or EH ECC82 is popular because it delivers both consistency and superb tone. The manufacturing process means there is little variation between the valves which is important when your valves need to be replaced.

This valve will also give you an upgrade in tone if your valves are of poor quality when supplied or worn. It is a sad fact that many amplifier manufacturers use cheaper valves to keep the cost down. Upgrading to EH valves will improve your tone and performance.

Electro Harmonix 12AU7 ECC82 valve.
Electro Harmonix 12AU7 ECC82 valve

The Electro Harmonix 12AU7 ECC82 is based on the original American short plate design. It has significant advantages and features over cheaper alternatives.

The thick glass ensures it is very low in microphonics and the extremely high production quality means it delivers a superb tone.

The valve also has internal anode supports which when combined with the thick grade glass ensures long life and durability.

The valve has a very clear and well-balanced sound which has led to its popularity.

Electro Harmonix valves are considered to be the very best valves you can buy.

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Electro Harmonix 12AU7 ECC82 preamp valve

1 x ECC82 (12AU7EH) Valve / Tube – Electro Harmonix NEW TESTED