valves for Vox AD120VT amplifier


Valves for Vox AD12VT amplifier.

The Vox AD120VT uses 1 x ECC83 (also known as 12AX7) valve/tube.

The Valvetronix “Valve Reactor” circuit converts what would normally be a preamp tube to a one watt tube power amp. So the output from this one watt tube circuit is then fed into a solid state amplifier. Here it is boosted to a very useable 60 watts.

Valves for Vox AD12VT amplifier. About the amp.

The Vox AD120VT combo amp was introduced in 2001. In 2003 this amp was slightly updated with the AD120VTX. Both amplifiers use the same valve.

So this amp followed the traditional Vox styling but had a distinctive blue diamond Vox grill cloth. Many customers said they disliked the blue cloth, but Vox installed blue Vox grill cloth for a very good reason. The AD120VT had a totally new design. The blue grill made sure you knew that.

The AD120VT followed the basic proportions of the Vox AC-30. Two Celestion Vox 7080 speakers were connected to the amp’s stereo output amplifier.

So the design of both the preamp and power amp stages of the AD120VT was radically new. We had never seen an REMS modelling preamp or the Valve Reactor power amp section in an amplifier before.

  • AMP MODELS: 16 types.
  • EFFECTS: 21 types.
  • PROGRAMS: 32 (8 Bank x 4 Channel)
  • IN/OUTPUTS: 2 x Guitar Input (High, Low), Stereo Loop Return, 1 x Headphone, Stereo Left & Right Line Out, Stereo Left & Right External Speaker Out.
  • SPEAKER: 2 x 12″ Custom-voiced Celestion
  • POWER: 2 x 60W RMS@8ohm
  • TUNER: Auto Chromatic Tuner
  • DIMENSIONS: 699(W) x 267(D) x 559(H) mm / 27.52″ (W) x 10.51″ (D) x22″ (H)
  • FINALLY WEIGHT: 26.2kg / 57.76 lbs

Valves for Vox AD12VT amplifier. Order your replacement valve today and hear the difference.

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Single ECC83S Valve

1 x ECC83 (12AX7) Valve / Tube – JJ Electronics NEW TESTED

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