Replacement valve kit for Orange Dual Dark 100 amplifiers

Orange Dual Dark 100

Looking for great sounding valves for Orange Dual Dark 100 amplifier? You’ve come to the right place.

Valves for Orange Dual Dark 100 amplifier.

The Orange Dual Dark 100 amplifier uses 10 valves to get its incredible sound:

  • 4 x ECC83 preamp valves (also called 12AX7).
  • 1 x ECC81 (12AT7) for the FX loop in V5.
  • 1 x Balanced ECC83 for the phase inverter in V6.
  • 4 x Matched EL34 power valves/power tubes.

The four ECC83 valves are in the front row. The ECC81 is in the middle row and furthest from the input jack. The balanced ECC83 is in the middle row closest to the input jack. The four EL84 power valves are then in the back row.

We always recommend JJ valves for Orange Dual Dark 100 amplifier. This is because they guarantee you awesome tone and performance at a very competitive price. These selected premium quality valves are a significant upgrade compared with the stock valves.

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Replace the Valves for Orange Dual Dark 100 amplifier.

If you have any queries about replacing the valves on your Orange Dual Dark 100 please drop us an email. We have over 30 years experience so we are always happy to advise.

Also, take a look at our FAQ section. You will find all the answers to the most popular questions we get asked.

About the Orange Dual Dark 100:

Orange’s highest gain amplifiers to date and the very first amps to offer four stages of gain on two channels. The Dual Dark 100 heads are both aggressive and flexible at the same time.

With gain and master volume controls on both A and B, either channel can serve up clean, overdrive or crazy levels of distortion. This makes these amps incredibly flexible despite their obvious Metal leanings.

Two Channels:

Channel A is a completely new design with a voicing that reveals a fat and powerful EQ with strong open mids and a tight response.

Meanwhile, Channel B takes its roots from the much loved Dark Terror. It has a lightning-fast attack perfect for percussive down-tuned riffing. The intuitive Shape control, first appearing on the acclaimed Thunderverb series, affects the midrange response whilst interacting with the bass and treble. Dial-in a range of tones using just one control, from a full-on scoop to a rich lead sound with pronounced mids and rounded highs.

Compared to its 50W brother, the Dual Dark 100’s bigger output section allows for even greater control over the huge level of preamp gain on offer.

The bottom end punch and midrange clout are truly staggering. If you like your distortion happening at the front end, you’ll love the Dual Dark 100. For a different flavour, the output can be tamed from 100W down to 70W, 50W or 30W. This is a great feature and gives you earlier output valve clipping and saturation at reduced volume levels.

Replace the Valves for Orange Dual Dark 100 amplifier. Order your new valves today and get your amp sounding better than ever.

So, if you’re looking for awesome sounding valves for your Orange amplifier – you’ve come to the right place. Upgrade today.