Valves for Marshall JCM800 4211

Marshall JCM800 4211

Valves for Marshall JCM800 4211 amplifier.

In the UK, the Marshall JCM800 4211 amplifier was supplied with:

  • 4 x ECC83 (also known as 12AX7) preamp valves.
  • 1 x Balanced ECC83 for the phase splitter position V5.
  • 4 x EL34 matched power valves.

However, please note that the US market was supplied with 4 x 6550 power valves.

The amp can happily cope with both types of power valves but if you swap EL34s for 6550s or vice versa, you will have to re-bias the amp.

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Replace the Valves for Marshall JCM800 4211.

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You may also like to check out our very helpful FAQ section where you will find the answer to most questions. There are also lots of hints and tips if you have never changed your valves before.

About the Marshall JCM800 4211 amplifier:

The Marshall JCM800 4211 is the split channel, 100 watts, 2 x 12, combo version of 2210 head. Introduced during the 1980s, the Marshall JCM 800 series added sought-after features to the product line. Features include an effects loop and master volume.

The amp features individual gain and EQ controls for each channel, Accutronics foot-switchable reverb, effects loop, and a line out with separate gain control.

Cosmetically, the JCM800 models sport larger logos on the heads and speaker cabinets. Another difference is the addition of grille cloth material on the upper two-thirds of the headbox, replacing the all-vinyl look of earlier Marshalls.

So it is a handsome design and one that was carried over to the JCM900 line, as well.

  • Made between 1983 and 1990.
  • The two speakers are HP Celestion GH12.
  • Finally, impedance selectable 4/8/16 Ohm.
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