Best Valves For Fender Pro Reverb Amplifiers

Fender Pro Reverb

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Best valves for Fender Pro Reverb amplifier.

This has been one of Fender’s longest-running and most successful amps. As a result, there are quite a few variations so check your amp before ordering.

The Fender Pro Reverb models from 1965 to 1974 amplifier with two speakers use 9 valves to get their amazing sound:

  • 4 x ECC83 (also known as 12AX7) preamp valves.
  • 1 x ECC81 (12AT7) preamp valve. This is used for the reverb send (V3).
  • 1 x ECC81 (12AT7) balanced preamp valve for the phase inverter (V6).
  • 1 x GZ34 rectifier valve.
  • 2 x 6L6GC matched power valves/power tubes.

In 1974 the Rectifier valve was replaced with solid-state circuitry and the power increased to 70 watts. As a result, this amplifier does not use a rectifier valve and has only 8 valves instead of nine.

Then the reissued model was introduced (2001 – 2003) which has 1 x 12′ speaker uses 11 valves:

  • 7 x ECC83 (also known as 12AX7) preamp valves.
  • 1 x ECC81 (12AT7) preamp valve.
  • 1 x GZ34 rectifier valve.
  • 2 x 6L6GC matched power valves/power tubes.

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Details about the tube layout.

Production years:

  • 1965 -1967 Blackface circuits AA165, AB668
  • 1968 -1982 Silverface circuits AA1069, AA1009, AA270
  • 2002 Reissue model (this amp uses 11 valves as opposed to the nine used in the older versions)

Tube layout for the Blackface Models.

AA165 Tube layout (As viewed from behind, so V1 is to the right side)

  • V1 ECC83/12AX7 = Preamp normal channel.
  • V2 ECC83/12AX7 = Preamp vibrato channel.
  • V3 ECC81/12AT7 = Reverb send.
  • V4 ECC83/12AX7 = 1/2 Reverb recovery and 1/2 gain stage for vibrato channel.
  • V5 ECC83/12AX7 = Vibrato.
  • V6 Balanced ECC81/12AT7 = Phase inverter.
  • V7 6L6GC = Power Tube.
  • V8 6L6GC = Power Tube.
  • V9 GZ34 = Rectifier tube.

Replace the Valves for Fender Pro Reverb amplifier.

So if you have any questions about replacing the valves for Fender Pro Reverb please do not hesitate to drop us an email. We have over 30 years experience so one of our team will always be happy to answer any questions.

Do check out our FAQ section first though. Here we answer most of the popular questions we get asked about changing valves.

About the Fender Pro Reverb:

The Fender Pro Reverb is a high-end guitar amplifier which was in production from 1964 to 1982. The Pro Reverb is a 40-watt tube amplifier and has a pair of 12″ speakers. However, models later than 1976 were increased to 70 watts.

Comparison With Twin Reverb:

The Fender Pro Reverb is one of the beloved 40W 6L6 working horses. It has the same 2×12″ speaker configuration as the Twin Reverb but has a less powerful amp. It has half the number of power tubes, smaller transformers and a tube rectifier instead of diodes.

So the Fender Pro Reverb is most often used by players seeking a traditional Fender clean tone, with, owing to the relatively low output power, tendency for ‘breakup,’ or musically-pleasing distortion.

Many players like the quality of the tube-driven spring reverb and tremolo. This is inaccurately referred to as “vibrato” by Fender.

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Fender Pro Reverbs were first sold in mid-1965. Since CBS bought out Fender in January 1965, all of them are “post-CBS” Fenders. Even so, some have “Fender Electric Instruments Co.” on the front panel under the Fender Pro Reverb Amp logo instead of the CBS era “Fender Musical Instruments.”


The original Pro Reverbs are “blackface”. So they have black control panels with white lettering, script logo, silver/black/white grille cloths. You will also notice a raised Fender logo on the grille cloth and black Tolex covering. They use two 5881/6L6GC power tubes, a GZ34 tube rectifier and are rated at roughly 40 watts. The amp has two channels, one of which has reverb and tremolo.

Tubes for sale for Fender Pro Reverb amplifiers.

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