Valves For Peavey Classic 50 Amplifier

Peavey Classic 50

Looking for great sounding valves for Peavey Classic 50 amplifier? You’ve come to the right place.

Valves for Peavey Classic 50 amplifier.

The Peavey Classic 50 amplifier (both the212 and the 4120 model) uses:

  • 2 x 12AX7 (also called ECC83) preamp valves.
  • 1 x Balanced 12AX7 for the Phase Splitter position (V3).
  • 4 x EL84 matched power valves/power tubes.

Note: The balanced ECC83 for the phase inverter goes in the V3 position which is the preamp valve furthest from your input jack.

Over time your valves slowly lose both their tone and their power. So it’s important to change them regularly to keep your amp sounding its best.

We offer both the Sovtek valve kit and the JJ Electronics set for this amp. Both kits will deliver superb results and are the perfect choice for this amplifier.

Order your valves below and get your amp sounding better than ever.

So restore the tone and power to your guitar amplifier. Treat yourself to a brand new set of valves today. 

  • Best valves for the Peavey Classic 50 amplifier. Premium quality valves giving superior tone and power.
  • Every valve kit is carefully selected, fully tested and balanced and the four power valves are digitally matched for optimum amplifier tone.
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Replace the Valves for Peavey Classic 50 amplifier.

If you have any questions about replacing the valves for Peavey Classic 50 please do not hesitate to drop us an email. One of the team will get straight back to you. We have over 30 years of experience so we are always happy to help.

We also suggest that you take a look at our very useful FAQ section. Here we answer all your questions on swapping valves as well as giving you lots of hints and tips if you haven’t done it before.

About the Peavey Classic 50 amplifier:

The Peavey Classic 50 is a 50W all-tube amp that comes as either a 2 x 12 combo or head version. They both use the same valve set. It has a responsive gain structure and warm and punchy set of 12AX7 and EL84 tubes.

The Classic Series guitar amps are loved by blues players,  country cats and rockers alike. These amps are available in vintage tweed with Blue Marvel speakers and knobs straight out of the rock ‘n’ roll era.

The real beauty of The Peavey Classic 50 is its pure, clean tone, even at high volume. It can get hugely loud without breaking up, but it sounds super-sweet in the rehearsal room and at home. Either channel can be set for chunky tube overdrive, but the Lead channel’s distortion pushes it to a new level.

The Peavey Classic 50 features dual switchable channels: normal and lead (with pre and post). Both are controlled by a master volume. It has spring reverb and 3 bands of EQ (bass, mid, and treble) plus a presence control. There are two inputs, normal and bright.

The channel selection and reverb can be controlled by an optional foot-switch and there is an effects loop. There are separate output jacks for 8-Ohm or 16-Ohm (stock) speakers, so a slave speaker cabinet can be used.

Replace the Valves on your Classic 50 amplifier. Order yours today and get your amp sounding better than ever.

So, if you’re looking for awesome sounding valves for your Peavey amplifier – you’ve come to the right place.

Simply choose the complete replacement valve kit or the seperate valves for your amplifier below:
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