Peavey 6505 amplifier head

Peavey 6505

Looking for great sounding valves for Peavey 6505 amplifier? You’ve come to the right place.

Valves for Peavey 6505 amplifier.

The Peavey 6505 amplifier uses:

  • 4 x ECC83 (also called 12AX7) preamp valves.
  • 1 x Balanced ECC83 for the phase inverter in position V5.
  • 4 x Matched 6L6GC power valves.

We always recommend JJ valves for Peavey 6505 amplifier. That’s because they guarantee awesome tone and power – and long valve life.  Remember JJ is one of only five valve manufacturers in the world. So don’t pay more for rebranded versions of exactly the same valve.

These valves are a serious upgrade to the current valves in your amplifier. They give you a beautifully clean and clear top end, a full and rounded mid-range and a gorgeous well defined, crisp bass. The overdrive is best described as warm, rich and fat. You will hear the difference.

Order your valves for the Peavey 6505 below and hear the difference.

So bring back the power, tone and sparkle to your guitar amplifier. Treat yourself to a brand new set of valves today.

  • Every valve kit is carefully chosen, fully tested and then matched before we ship it to you.
  • These premium quality valves are a significant upgrade compared with the stock valves supplied with this amp.
  • Fast delivery with full tracking and insurance. So order with confidence.
  • We have 30 years of experience so you are in safe hands. 100% warranty on every valve.
  • International shipping – we ship all over the world.

Replace the Valves for Peavey 6505 amplifier.

If you have any questions about replacing the valves on the Peavey 6505 please do not hesitate to drop us an email. We have over 30 years of experience so we are always happy to help and advise.

We also suggest you visit our very helpful FAQ section. Here you will find the answers to most questions along with loads of useful hints and tips.

About the Peavey 6505 amp:

The Peavey 6505 amplifier delivers the tone and high gain power that modern players demand. Plugging into the high gain input doubles the input gain for devastating overdriven tones. In addition, you can create a second “lead” tone by engaging the Crunch option on the rhythm channel.

In the master section of the Peavey 6505 you will find the patented Resonance and Presence controls. So resonance acts as a low-frequency boost, while Presence acts as a high-frequency boost.  All of this tonal power from the Peavey 6505 amplifier is also housed in a strong exterior that is built for the rigours of the road.

If you’re into metal/hardcore/death metal and everything around that, the Peavey 6505 amp is for you. Great distortion with a great tone and a great cut through.

So, if you’re looking for great sounding valves for Peavey 6505 amplifier then look no further.

Simply choose the complete replacement valve kit or the seperate valves for your amplifier below:
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