Valves for Bugera 1990 Infinium amplifiers

Bugera 1990 Infinium

Are you looking for awesome sounding valves for Bugera 1990 Infinium amplifier? Excellent – Welcome to Amp Valves.

Valves for Bugera 1990 Infinium amplifier. 

The Bugera 1990 Infinium amplifier uses;

  • 2 x ECC83 preamp valves (also known as 12AX7).
  • 1 x balanced ECC83 for the phase splitter in position V3.
  • 4 x matched 5881 power valves.

We always recommend JJ valves for the Bugera 1990 Infinium amp. These Premium Grade valves deliver superior tone, power and performance across the range.

You can order these singly or a complete set.

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  • Selected Premium Grade valves.
  • All valve kits are carefully selected, carefully tested, digitally balanced and matched.
  • Over 30 years in the industry so you are in very safe hands when you order from us.
  • We ship all over the World on a daily basis.

Replace the Valves for Bugera 1990 Infinium.

If you have any questions about replacing the valves for Bugera 1990 Infinium please do not hesitate to drop us an email and one of the team will get straight back to you.

We have over 30 years experience so we are always happy to help.

However, you will find the answer to most questions on our very helpful FAQ section. We also provide lots of hints and tips if you are new to upgrading your valves.

About the Bugera 1990 Infinium Amplifier.

The amazing Infinium technology extends the life of your amplifier’s expensive power valves up to 20 times. This means incredible reliability and consistent tone over the entire life of your valves.

This system gives you more consistent sound quality and longer life for your valves. Maintenance for valve amps has never been this easy!

Features of the amp:

  • Dual-control foot-switch.
  • Hand-built 120-Watt hi-gain amplifier.
  • Valves used: 3 x ECC83 and 4 x 5881 valves.
  • Reverb with dedicated Reverb controls for each channel.
  • Vintage Equalizer section with dedicated Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence controls.
  • Power switch to select between pentode or triode (60 Watt) operation
    FX Loop with dedicated Level controls.
  • Impedance switch for 4, 8 and 16 Ohms so you can match it to any speaker cabinet.

If you would like to download the User Manual for the Bugera 1990 Infinium amplifier please click here.

So replace the valves on your Bugera 1990 Infinium amp and get it sounding like the day it left the factory.

So, if you’re looking for great sounding valves for the Bugera 1990 Infinium amplifier you’ve come to the right place.