How to choose the best Valves for your Guitar Amplifier

valves for guitar amplifiersIt can be very confusing trying to choose the best valves for guitar amplifier at a sensible price. There are dozens of different valve brands out there. Our aim is to make things simple for you when buying amplifier valves. We have tested most brands of amplifier valves and settled on one as providing the very best sounding replacement valves for guitar amplifier at a sensible price – JJ Electronics. We’ve been working with valve based equipment for 40 years and can state with confidence that this is the best quality valve for your guitar amplifier if your not looking to spend a fortune. If you haven’t tried JJ Electronics valves before, I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The valve guitar amp is the best sounding amp you can buy – make sure old valves aren’t ruining the sound.

Valves for guitar amplifiers – when do they need replacing?

valves for guitar amplifiersWhen you first bought your valve amplifier no doubt you were delighted with the sound quality. It had punch, resonance and clarity. But as time has gone by, do you feel your amplifier has lost its edge? Perhaps your guitar amp is sounding a bit flat, thin and lacking in oomph? If that’s the case, chances are you need a new set of new of valves for guitar amplifier to get it sounding its very best.

Valves for guitar amplifier don’t usually ‘fail’ – they just get weaker and weaker. Trouble is, from gig to gig you barely notice the difference.

Surprisingly, the actual age of the amplifier valves (or tubes if you prefer) is not important. It’s how much it has been played. If you play your guitar amplifier regularly and it’s been a year or more since you had a valve change, it’s almost certainly time to treat yourself to a new set of valves. You will really notice the difference!

Choose matched sets for best performance

Don’t forget to choose from our matched output valves for guitar amplifier range. This is really important. Our matched amplifier valves have been carefully selected to be a close match both in gain and bias current.

Choose ‘matched amp valve quads’ if you have four output tubes (the big ones!) or ‘matched amp valve pairs’ if you only have two.

Valves for guitar amplifier – choose the very best valves for guitar amplifier

valves for guitar amplifiers

Valves for guitar amplifier or tube amplifier? – We stock the best value valves with a great sound ready for immediate dispatch.

If you are looking for the best quality valves for guitar amplifier at a sensible price – give us a try, all of our products are fully guaranteed.

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